About Us

The Bank was set up on 1st Nov.1966 under the Punjab Cooperative Societies Act, 1965 (replaced by Haryana Cooperative Societies Act, 1984) in the name and style of the Haryana State Cooperative Land Mortgage Bank Limited. The nomenclature of the bank was changed to the Haryana State Cooperative Land Development Bank Limited in the year 1974 and thereafter the nomenclature of the bank was changed to .....Read More

Loan Policy

This shall be called the “Revised Loan Policy - 2015” for the District Primary Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks (hereinafter referred to ‘the District Banks’) and the Haryana State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank Ltd; (hereinafter referred to ‘the State Bank’). Further, the power to make any amendment in this policy shall be vested with the BOD of the State Bank ..... Read More

Updates & News

1. Process of computerization of all the DPCARDBs in all districts of the Haryana is under progress.

2. Computerization of all branches and Online srvice will be provided sooner in two phases by implementing CCBS software developed by NIC, Govt. of India.

3. The OTS Scheme for loanees has been closed on dated 31-05-2016.

4. Representation to implement the provision of the Haryana Agricultural Credit operations and Miscellaneous provisions (Banks) Act, 1973 in letter and spirit.

5. Sh. Dhanesh Adlakha has been apointed as the Chairman of HSCARDB, Panchkula on dated 18-04-2017.

We have provide best schemes for agriculture & rural development

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Sh. Manohar Lal Khattar, Hon'ble Chief Minister of the Haryana State Sh. Manish Grover, Hon'ble Minister of State Cooperation, Haryana Sh. Dhanesh Adlakha, Chairman

Our Schemes:

  • Minor Irrigation.
  • Farm Mechanization.
  • Land Development.
  • Dairy Development/Catel Shed.
  • Hort./Farm Forestry.
  • Rural Housing.
  • Non Farm Sector
  • Purchase of Land
  • Rural Godowns
  • Others

Other Schemes